High-Level Data Encryption

High-Level Data Encryption

High-Level Data Encryption is available from your agents’ web browsers all the way to the database back-end where your data is stored in our secure SSAE-16 certified hosting facilities. We use NIST-approved, strong encryption algorithms to safeguard your data.

You can also send your customers to a secure IVR to collect sensitive information like credit card numbers to shield that information from your agents while still allowing them to take customer orders.

You are also able to hide all(or part) of sensitive customer data fields, like payment data, from your agents.

Another encryption feature that we offer is encrypted recordings of phone call audio, allowing your company to stay in compliance with many industry security requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Here is the full list of encryption and other security enhancements that we offer on VICIhost:

  • SSL encrypted(https) agent interface screen and data transport
  • Encrypted database storage of custom field data
  • Masking of sensitive custom field data from agents and managerial staff
  • The ability for agents to send customers to an IVR to enter in sensitive information
  • Encrypted recordings of phone call audio
  • Restricted audio call recordings access, with logging
  • Secure calls to agents using either WebRTC or SRTP soft-phones
  • Encrypted user password logins
  • Segmented user groups access and permissions
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Hosted in our secured SSAE-16 certified facility


For more information on how our VICIhost strong data encryption and security enhancements work, please contact us.

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High-Level Data Encryption

High-Level Data Encryption agent screenshot

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