Skills-Based Routing with Agent Ranking

With Skills-Based Routing and Agent Ranking, you can have calls and emails go to the agents that can handle them the most efficiently and effectively for their skill sets.

For example, let’s say we have three agents that work in the call center at ACME Industries selling widgets: Sally, Harold and Connie

  • Sally grew up speaking Spanish at home, and speaks both Spanish and English
  • Harold is from Quebec, Canada and speaks both French and English
  • Connie speaks only English

ACME Industries operates in the United States and Canada, and has three call queues for their Sales and Support line: English, Spanish and French. Most calls that come in go to the English queue, the second most number of calls go to the Spanish queue, and the least number of calls go to the French queue.

Here is how we would set up the agent skills and ranks in VICIdial for the three agents to most effectively and efficiently handle the calls that come in:

  • Sally –  English rank: 4   Spanish rank: 9   French rank: (not enabled)
  • Harold –  English rank: 5   Spanish rank: (not enabled)   French rank: 9
  • Connie –  English rank: 9   Spanish rank: (not enabled)   French rank: (not enabled)

All three agents can handle English calls, but because Connie only speaks English, she gets the highest English rank and will be the first agent to get a call that comes in to this queue. Harold would be the second agent to receive and English queue call because his other language, French, is the least popular queue. Sally would be the last agent to take an English queue call.

This was just a simple explanation of how our agent skills-based routing and ranking works, but we have helped clients to set up very complex routing plans with hundreds of queues, skills and agents involved.

For more information on how our Skills-based routing and agent ranking works, please contact us.

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