Outbound Agent-Controlled, Broadcast and Predictive Dialing

With VICIdial, there are three main types of outbound dialing: Agent-Controlled, Broadcast and Predictive Dialing

Agent-Controlled dialing is also called Manual Dialing. This is where the agent has to click to dial each phone call, either by taking the next lead in a list and dialing it, or entering in a phone number to dial and initiating the phone call.

Broadcast dialing allows the system to place phone calls and play pre-recorded messages with no live agents present.

Predictive dialing allows the system to calculate the number of phone calls it thinks it should place in order to keep the agents busy with phone calls while still staying below a set dropped call rate limit. There are many settings available that influence how the predictive dialing algorithm works.

Another type of outbound dialing is Ratio, this will dial a constant ratio of phone lines to agents logged in. This method is not affected at all by the dropped call rate. Ratio can also be used with campaigns that have no leads and only handle inbound phone calls.

For more information on how Outbound Dialing works in VICIdial, please contact us.

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