Integrated Call Recording

Full Featured Call Recording is built in to VICIdial. With it you can automatically record all calls going to agents, or let the agents have control over when to start and stop call recordings.

You also have the ability to record calls as they come in to your system before they are routed to an agent. Even if the call only routes to an IVR or a third-party, it can be recorded and reviewed later.

For three-way calls, you can initiate a new recording when dialing in the third party, and that recording can stay running even if the agent leaves the three-way call.

If your agents are able to use their phones outside of the VICIdial agent screen, you can also record their phone calls.

All of these recordings are automatically archived on our internal archive server and are accessible from the VICIdial Administration website. You can also have these recordings sent by FTP to your own server for storage.

For more information about VICIdial call recording, please contact us.

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