Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone

Agents can schedule a callback with a customer, and either reserve that callback for themselves, or allow any agent to take the callback when the scheduled time arrives.

For Agent-Only callbacks, there is a flashing notification in the agent screen that lets agents know they have callbacks that have triggered, so they can call them back.

For Anyone callbacks, the calls will be placed and routed to available agents automatically after they have hit their scheduled date and time.

There are administrative settings that allow you to prevent an agent from setting a callback too soon, as well as settings to prevent an agent from calling back a callback too soon. There is even an option to have the system automatically set a new callback if a call placed on an existing callback does not result in a customer contact.

You can also allow your agents to set callbacks for a specific time zone, as well as force agents to dial their callbacks right after they have been triggered.

There are also administrative tools that allow you to reassign Agent-Only callbacks to another agent or to change them to Anyone callbacks.

For more information on scheduled callbacks within VICIdial, please contact us.

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