System-Wide, per-Campaign and Inbound DNC Lists

With your VICIhost system, you can set up separate or shared DNC lists for each campaign. You also have the option to use a system-wide DNC list, that can be enabled for each campaign as desired.

Another option, is the ability to block or redirect inbound calls coming into VICIdial based upon the Caller ID number using an inbound DNC list, or a Filter Phone Group.

You can also give customers the ability to call in and add their phone number to one of the outbound calling DNC lists through the use of an automated IVR that is included with VICIdial.

As for the USA Federal DNC list, we recommend using our partner company DNC.COM for that service. We have even added some integration tools that work with their service into VICIhost’s features.

For more information on VICIhost and DNC lists, please contact us.

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