Outbound CallerID Groups: per-State, per-Areacode, Round-robin and Auto-rotate

You can set up Caller ID Groups that allow you to define an outbound CallerID number to be used on a per-state, per-areacode, round-robin or auto-rotate basis. You can also set up multiple CallerID numbers for the same states or areacodes and they will be used on a round-robin basis as the calls are dialed within only those geographic areas. Another option for CID Groups is to not define a geographic area per CallerID and just have all calls round-robin from the same list of CallerIDs. When using this type of CID Group, you can also optionally set it to only use one CallerID number for a set number of minutes, and then automatically rotate to the next CallerID. These CID Groups can also be shared across multiple campaigns

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