Easy Importing of Calling Lists Through the Web, by API or Scheduled by FTP

There are several ways to get your calling lists imported into your VICIdial system. The easiest way is through our Web-Based Lead Loader. Through the Web-based Lead Loader you can select what fields you want to import, and even save your import mapping as a template to use in the future. The Web-based Lead Loader can accept data files in tab-delimited TXT, pipe-delimited TXT, CSV, XLS and ODS formats.

The second method of importing leads is through the use of our Web API. The API is designed to quickly import leads one at a time instead of the batch format of one file at a time like the Web-based Lead Loader does. The API has more options than the Web-based Lead Loader does, and allows for leads to have their calls pre-scheduled, or even dialed immediately, see this page for more details on that feature.

The third method of importing leads is through the FTP batch process. The FTP lead loading process can be set up to pull leads from an FTP account at regularly scheduled times. This process requires that the lead files be in one of a dozen different TXT file formats to work, and the results of each FTP importing process can be emailed to you.

For more information on how you can load leads into your VICIdial system, please contact us.

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